You are a fighter!!

I am not afraid to fall anymore, I think nobody should. Because that’s life you’ll fall than you have to stand up again and fight. I believe, we all are capable of fighting our own battles in life. You can’t escape from the situation So, always choose to fight for yourself. Things will get better once you stand up again.

You are not alone!

It’s Important to be self sufficient and If you can hold yourself in the difficult situations ‘it’s good’. But sometimes things may not work in your favour and you really need someone. So, ‘do not feel alone’ because there are 7.8 billion people in this world and you can absolutely get one person with whom you can share your feelings with. Maybe not everyone cares about you but some people surely do. And “those people are your magic beans.”

It’s getting better ✨

Life is very short. It’s gone in a sec, you won’t even realize that. Then what’s the point in wasting your time in stressing over things which will get better soon, nothing is permanent not even your problems “everything will get better soon.” the only thing you have to do is fight in every situation and smile. Smile is very important because when you’ll have a positive attitude towards your problem and when you’ll show your bright side to the situation it won’t last long.

Know your worth!

Do you know your worth? Or you are taking yourself very lightly? I think we all should know our worth in this world…. this earth is made for US. The sun rises every morning for us, the plants gives oxygen for us, EVERYTHING IS CONTRIBUTING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE SPECIAL. So, please don’t ever forget who you are and what are you capable of doing.

Listen to your heart ♥

Don’t give anyone the power to control your life or to tell you what’s good for you. “Just listen to everyone but do what your heart says” People will come and go from your life. It’s your life, it’s your choice, all that matters is what you want and what makes you happy.

So here we go!!

So, Teenagers feel alot about everything and it’s really hard to deal with that. We are really afraid to share our problems with anyone because they judge us by our problems. But sometimes it’s easy to say it loud then living with it your whole life. Just choose the right person to share your feelings with. I swear it will get easier. Don’t live with any bad memories.

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